Are you ready for a revolutionary new type of under floor heating plate? How about one made from a specially processed natural graphite, lighter and  50% more thermally conductive than extruded aluminum plates? Well, your day has come! FlexPlate™ has arrived to revolutionize radiant floor heating.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Lower required fluid temperature means the ability to use more efficient heat sources.
  • A more even, comfortable heat.
  • No potential “ticking” noise associated with typical stamped aluminum plates.

Installer Benefits

  • Light weight and flexible
  • Trim-to-fit format
  • Cut with a utility knife
  • Fast, simple installation
  • No sharp edges


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     Aqua-Pure® water filtration products provide you and your family with cleaner, clearer, better tasting water throughout your entire home every day. With the most comprehensive product line from undersink filters for the kitchen and bath or softeners and filters for the entire home, Aqua-Pure filtration systems are perfect for any size home.


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Kent Supply is a stocking distributor of  Veto Pro Packs.

A tool bag should perform some basic functions: First, it should keep your tools where you can easily get to them. Secondly, it should protect them at the job site, on the way to the job site and everywhere in between. And finally, a tool bag should make carrying tools comfortable.

But first things first. Like anything that’s built to last, VETO PRO PAC tool bags start with a butt-kicking foundation. In this case, it’s a 3mm thick polypropylene base that is not only waterproof, but drop from the second floor proof. Next we oriented the storage system vertically using interior pockets made of PVC-impregnated 1800 denier, a waterproof nylon that can take whatever a flathead or Phillips head screwdriver can dish out.

While VETO PRO PAC tool bags could be considered soft bags they don’t wilt and lose their shape like canvas or other synthetic bags. That’s because every PRO PAC tool bag uses a patented integrated center panel that extends to the very bottom of the bag. This allows for easy access and balances your load distribution effectively keeping you from becoming a regular at the chiropractor’s office. Speaking of pain, the place where your burly hand makes contact with the tool bag is typically where discomfort can put a damper on any quitting time. But we don’t do typically too well around here. The handle on VETO PRO PAC tool bags is unlike any you’ve experienced. It’s ergonomically designed for stiff hands and is hinged through the fabric for extra durability. It also collapses front or back depending on how you set it up. Bonus!


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Nuheat is the leading manufacturer of an electric radiant floor heating system. The Nuheat Systems bring soothing warmth to tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood floors. Keeping surfaces at a “just-right” temperature, Nuheat is perfect for master bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, mudrooms and even for granite countertops.

Our floor heating system offers the affordable luxury of warm floors and barefoot comfort that any homeowner can enjoy. Nuheat’s radiant floor heating system is easy to zone and can be placed in the rooms you wish to enjoy warm floors. Our floor heating system allows homeowners to maximize energy efficiency, reduce utility costs, while enjoying warm floors in the rooms where homeowners are spending their time.

The choice of professionals, Nuheat is simple to install and radiates even heat with no cold spots. A direct manufacturer’s sales force, a technical services department and a full-time design team are part of Nuheat’s superior customer service.


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Introducing TecTite™ from Elkhart Products Corporation

TecTite joins the growing list of quality EPC products

As part of its commitment to provide products that meet the changing needs of specifiers and installers, Elkhart Products Corporation has added to its expanding “PUSH” line.

TecTite provides easier, faster and more cost-effective jointing solutions. The fittings simply push together in seconds to create a perfect joint. No torches and no solder are required.

TecTite fittings are removable, using a TecTite removal tool available from EPC. In addition, the fittings are reusable, following our new fitting installation procedures.

Benefits extend well beyond installation technique, allowing for the jointing of copper tubing, and PEX and CPVC pipe.

TecTite Brochure


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Kent Supply is now a distributor of Tile Redi products!

Tile Redi® is the inventor of Tile Ready® shower products. Tile Redi® is both the industry innovator and industry leader of the Tile Ready® shower base, and has the industries’ largest selection of Tile Ready® shower bases and shower pans, including single curb shower pans and shower bases, bathtub replacement shower pans and shower bases, and ADA and barrier free shower pans and shower bases. Our Tile Ready® shower pans are one piece shower pans with fully integrated drains, integrated 6 inch splash walls, integrated curbs or barrier free entrances, and integrated pitch ¼ inch per foot to the drain. Our patented and UL listed shower pans and shower bases comply with all local building and plumbing codes.



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Mag-Bit is now available at Kent Supply

                      • Molybdenum coated for cooler running which causes bit to last longer.
                      • Glides through woods with less binding. Quick Change 7/16” hex shank. (Except 3-5/8″ & 4-5/8″)
                      • Wide throat ejects chips more effectively.

Designed for high speed cutting of large holes for pipe or conduit placement. The wide throat allows fast chip removal with no clogging. The Quick Change shank has two recesses to allow for a tight fit when using Mag-Bit extensions.

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Kent Supply is now stocking Orion pipe & fittings.

  Orion Fittings was the first company in North America to injection mold a complete line of polypropylene fittings. Through years of experience, Orion has established its position as the industry leader in providing the engineer, the contractor and the ultimate user with drainage and pure water piping products of unsurpassed quality.



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Spirovent® Quad Hydraulic Separator

Unlike other products, which are empty vessels or include only a baffle plate, the Spirovent Quad combines the features and benefits of the industry leading Spirovent air eliminator along with the Spirotrap® dirt separator.


  • 1″ through 12″ Pipe Size
  • Patented Spirotube® Element
  • Element Fills the Entire Vessel
  • 2 Full Flow Applications—One Vessel
  • Hydraulic Separator
  • Low Loss Header


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